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Marisa Caprara

My name is Marisa Caprara, and I am a ballet master, president of A.I.D.A. (Association of graduate pedagogues with Teatro alla Scala in Milan) and a director of AIDA Educational Center in Milan, Italy.
I have known Ashen Ataljanc for many years, and during that period I have witnessed the development of her beautiful and distinguished career as an artist, which proved her professional and artistic value. In the last couple of years, alongside her career as a dancer, Ashen has embraced pedagogical work, thus showing that she possesses great competence in transferring her deep knowledge and experience from classic and contemporary techniques to her students, as well as the ability to develop balanced and fruitful relationship with them.
Furthermore, she has developed great skills in organizing and managing her dance school, and, thanks to countless contacts all around the globe, she has managed to carry out numerous projects of remarkable artistic significance.
During the period spring/summer 2013, Ashen Ataljanc has initiated and organized a very successful cooperation and a student exchange program between our two schools. Students from Italy, with Biago Tambone’s (principal dancer in La Scala from Milan) choreographies, had two shows in Belgrade, and right after that, the best students from Ashen Ataljanc Dance School attended seminar in our center in Milan.
I am positive that the one-year development training program, under her supervision, will bring to her students a top-notch preparation for future professional engagement. Moreover, I believe that the supporters of this project will gain an excellent insight into international artistic scene. Due to all the above, I highly recommend Ashen Ataljanc and this project.
In case you might have any inquiries with regards to this letter of recommendation, below you will find my contact details.

E-mail:        mob. +39 329 0599226

Marisa Caprara – certificazione

mr Aleksandar Ilić,

Choreographer and president of The Association of the Professional Ballet Dancers, Choreographers and Ballet Pedagogues of Serbia

The Association of the Professional Ballet Dancers, Choreographers and Ballet Pedagogues of Serbia hereby expresses full support to Ashen Ataljanc, the most representative ballet artist in Serbia, in her efforts to express herself not only as an artist, but also as a reformer in the field of ballet education system in Serbia. The Association emphasizes that all levels in Ashen Ataljanc Dance School are respectable and that the school curriculum (the selection of programs) complies with contemporary world tendencies and teaching methods of a distinguished professional level.